Pollard Funeral Home was founded in 1932; it was owned and operated by Mr. Otis Pollard and Mr. Lester Hancock with Mr. E.A. Pollard serving as manager of the firm.

The First building was an old fashioned dwelling on Fraser Street. After a period of time, the old house was destroyed by fire.

The late Rev. W.M. Jackson, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church and his Deacons Board were very cooperative to assist Mr. Pollard during the early stages of his business venture. Mr. Jake Shennault a Deacon of Red Street Baptist Church was also instrumental during Mr. Pollard’s Business decisions, by suggesting that he inquire about the building on Fraser Street.

Mr. Pollard enjoyed the full advantages of this new location and moved quickly to make the necessary improvements. The additional space offered Mr. Pollard the opportunity to enjoy a spacious Chapel, renovations to accommodate his needs, all of which the other location did not offer. Mr. Pollard’s outlook for the future was certainly enhanced and promising that this location would serve his needs for the next fifty years.

In 1964 the Urban Renewal Project took his building, this caused another setback, a terrific strain and bad health for Mr. Pollard. At this time, his devoted wife, Mrs. Bama Pollard felt the need to give her unlimited support and attention such as offering advice, driving him to and from work.

He purchased an old building on Washington Street, S.W. where he continued to make progress. In 1966 Mr. Pollard passed from labor to reward. The Lord called him home. Mr. Pollard was aggressive, loving and kind. He loved people; he supplied the needs of many, many, persons. If you needed a bondsman, if you could not pay your rent, he would help. He was sympathetic in the loss of loved ones.

His home going left Mrs. Bama Pollard as the new owner of Pollard Funeral Home and Bernard Moore, Sr. (Skip) as manager. She rendered outstanding service for 22 Years and maintained the high standards set by her husband. She was a member of Paradise Baptist Church, where she sang in Choir #1, and served as president of the Missionary Society. She was the founder of the Needle and Thimble Savings Club, and served as President for 16 years. She rendered effective service as a Civic Worker in the Summer Hill Community.

September 8, 1995, Mrs. Pollard joined her loved ones in eternity.

As the legacy continues, Bernard Moore, Sr. serves as Proprietor of Pollard Funeral Home and is assisted by his staff as follows: Ms. Sharon Bama Moore Heard, General Manager, Ms. Shimena S. Grier, Assistant Manager, Mr. Bernard Moore, Funeral Director/Embalmer, and Mr. Stacey McDuffie.

From it’s humble beginnings, Pollard Funeral Home stands as a pillar of support to the community. June 13, 1992, President Jimmy Carter honored Pollard Funeral Home as One of the Oldest Existing Business in the Summerhill Community. October 1997 the City of Atlanta, Mayor Bill Campbell, along with the Summerhill Inc., renamed Washington Street to Pollard Boulevard.

Pollard Funeral Home still remains one of the leading Black Institutions in Atlanta Metropolitan Area. They have proven devotion to their family, their church, and the people of Greater Atlanta Area.

We've come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord.

The Calling of the Funeral Director is:

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To offer quiet guidance through the storm.
& To be there for the final tribute that honors the life of your loved one.

There is no Greater privilege.
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